• Leed Certification

    Markham Uptown Square has obtained the LEED Gold certification rating for Core and Shell from the Canada Green Building Council.

Uptown Market is registered with the Canada Green Building Council in pursuit of LEED® Canada for Core and Shell Development certification. Times Group has been a leader in LEED® certified construction since completing the first LEED® Gold certified project in York Region. In addition, Times Group has contributed over $6,000,000 towards organizations responsible for the Rouge River located just south of Uptown Market. For a complete list of Times Group LEED® certifications please click here.

A list of sustainable design and construction elements featured at Uptown Market are shown below.

Construction and Building Design

During construction, practices were followed to ensure that construction debris was recycled whenever possible, and building materials were protected from contaminants that could be harmful to future occupants.

All adhesives, sealants, paints and carpets in the common areas contain low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) to ensure a healthier environment for all future occupants.

Refrigerant has been selected for mechanical equipment that has low ozone depletion potential.

Whenever possible, materials used in the construction of the buildings contained recycled content and was manufactured and sourced from local suppliers.

In order to reduce the urban heat island effect and building energy requirements, a combination of vegetated roofing materials and highly reflective roofing materials have been installed on all buildings.

Majority of the wood used for framing and interior fit-up came from sustainable forests in accordance with the Forestry Steward Council.

Water Conservation and Storm Water Management

Low-flow plumbing fixtures have been installed, which will reduce water use.

Rainwater is being harvested so that eventually no potable water will be used for irrigation purposes.

Open grid pavers have been used in the parking lots in order to allow storm water to infiltrate and decrease runoff into municipal sewers.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is being monitored with meters for each tenant, and equipment that has been installed is strictly tested to confirm that it performs as efficiently as intended.

Electricity and gas use has been modeled to ensure that less energy is used compared to standard requirements.

Green Commuting

Bicycle travel has been promoted by including bicycle racks throughout the property, a dedicated secure bicycle storage room, and the installation of bicyclist showers for staff working at Uptown Market.

Better Property Management

Common areas of the buildings are cleaned and maintained using LEED® certified cleaning products and processes.

Pest control program eliminates and deters pests without using toxic chemicals.

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